Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Mark and I have gone back and forth about whether we should get a dog or wait a few more years. The cons outweigh the pros. We have young children, live on a busy highway on a small lot, have no fence and very cold winters with very deep snow on most of our lot. The pros are pretty much that I love dogs and our kids would get to train, take care of and play with a dog. Anyway, I'm getting away from the point-we've decided to get a rabbit instead. A couple weeks ago we had some warmer weather (middle to upper 50s) so Mark and Reuben went to Menards and purchased supplies for a rabbit hutch. All of us were ready to be outside for a few hours. The guys got started on the hutch and I bundled up the girls and we joined them.  

The older kids were excited to have Tori join us outside.

Victoria sat in the walker and chewed on her fingers.

Vienna was very attentive to her. 

The guys working on the rabbit hutch. Although, Reuben's attention span was very short. He sanded with me for 5 minutes and then mostly wandered around whacking things with various tools.

My project-Sometime in Feb I saw this table on Craigslist. I've wanted to do an outside craft table (for R & V) to sit on our front porch. This table had drawers, on the sides, that pull out. I thought maybe I could put the art supplies (chalk & crayons) in the drawers and paint the top of the able with chalkboard paint. So, the top will be black, except for the edges. I'm sanding the legs down to the wood and I'm going to leave them natural or paint them grey. I'm not sure yet. Reuben says he'd like them painted grey but he just likes to paint. I'm going to finish sanding the legs and then paint on the chalkboard paint so I can see what that looks like. Then if I don't like it I'll try the legs painted. :)

Vienna examining the sanding aid.

Mark's finished rabbit hutch. I love the gable. We still have to buy bowls, stick a smooth board inside and figure out a tray to catch the poo. Oh, and get the rabbit. 

Playdo-after a few days of the warm weather it got cold again. We have snow on the ground right 
now.   :( So, we had more inside days and made some play do. The kids love it and will spend 1-2 hours messing with it. I wish I would have thought of it earlier this winter!

First, let me say that this picture of Reuben reminds me of his cousin Bryce. This is Reuben as a soldier. He has 2 nets, binoculars, safety googles and a ball. Everyday he dresses up as a soldier. He makes me smile.

Morning time-he's cold and snuggling in Vienna's blanket.

Patiently waiting for her food. If ever you wonder where she is when it gets close to a mealtime just go to the kitchen and she'll be sitting in her seat with bobo while sucking on her fingers waiting for some food to appear. 

My favorite people. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vienna's Birthday

Well, our little girl has turned 2. It's really strange to me. I remember moving to WI, and at the time, she was a little over a month old. Time is going by so quickly. Our little girl has grown into a vibrant, loud and fun little toddler. She loves to serve her family members and is the first to bring mommy her phone or throw away a diaper or sit down by Reuben and just stay with him after he's been disciplined. She also has an ornery streak and (like most second borns) loves to antagonize Reuben and is always trying to do what he can do. Probably my favorite part of living with Vienna in my life are the moments when she crawls onto me and snuggles up and mumbles "I wov oooo mamma" around 
her fingers. :) 

Her birthday fell on a Saturday (April 5th). We celebrated that evening. I made her a butterfly cake with marshmallows and skittles on the top. She and Reuben loved it and pretty much just ate the marshmallows and skittles. Then we let her open up her presents. Here are some pictures from that evening.

The birthday girl! Since that meal, she's started sitting at the table without her tray…just like Reuben. ;)

Her butterfly cake. you can see where someone already picked a marshmellow off the bottom row. 

The crown may become a tradition. We'll see if it survives its first year.

I took this one with my phone. Princess V.

Opening presents. Her brother is there just in case she needs a bit of help.

 Thank you Nana, for the doll. It took me a little bit to figure out it was a "special" doll. 

These are from Sunday morning. We live 35 minutes from church and Sunday school started at 8:30. We usually need to leave by 7:50 Since Victoria has come into the world, this was the first Sunday that we were ready to go before we needed to be. ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still Waiting

Ohhhhh...we are ready for Spring. Lately, it's been a little tough for me to keep a postive attitude about the cold outside and being stuck inside or freezing outside. I keep reminding myself that my whining is unthankfulness coming out, repenting for that unthankfulness, being OK for a day or two and then reverting back to my whininess. I know the warm sunshine is coming, I just hope it's soon!
For now, we're literally running circles around our hallway wall and riding toys around and playing Jenga and Old Maid and Go Fish over and over again. :) I think my kiddos make it easier in some ways, like when we try to think about the things we're thankful for, our warm pickle green house always makes the list and that reminds me that many people don't have a warm home to live in while it's too cold or hot outside. The hard part is that there are two little people to keep occupied and one little person to sustain and love.
Here is Reuben taking a spin on our ladybug.

The kids watching Veggie Tales one evening. Vienna, of course, is with poor (ahem), I mean well loved Victoria.

Boxes make great toys. :)


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Here, There & Everywhere!

      Mostly, this post is about a trip we took to San Diego, CA at the end of Feb. My youngest Wagenbach cousin got married Feb 23rd. I had many, many good memories of my CA cousins and was thrilled when Mark agreed that we should all go west for the wedding. It was a little crazy getting to CA with all three of our kiddos, but we made it! It turned out that my sisters Alex and Aubrey would fly to CA on our flight and Aubrey would fly back to Chicago with us. They were a huge help with the kids!!!!!! We left Friday, the flight there went really well, we managed to find our way to the Fulop's (dear friends of my family growing up) home, and finally got everyone settled in. Friday evening there was a singing at the Fulop's home. Sat morning all of my cousins got together at Deka & Peggy's (my grandpa & grandma) home for a delicious brunch. There was also a singing Sat evening but, it started at 7:00pm which was really 9pm for us. Instead, we grabbed some In&Out burgers and went to the beach with my dad for a little bit. Sunday was filled up with the wedding and reception. Sunday evening my parents offered to watch our kids so that Mark, myself, and my sisters Kaitlyn, Alex and Aubrey could all go and hang out with cousins at the Wag's home. That evening was soooo nice. For me, it felt as if I was kidless and able to just take off and go enjoy my cousins. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching them!! Monday, Dad, Mark and I took the kids to the beach to meet up with some of my cousins and enjoy the sunshine. Reuben, Vienna and I took our shoes off and enjoyed playing in the surf...once Reuben was assurred that a whale or shark wasn't going to eat him. That evening we had supper at the Wag's. Tuesday, we loaded up in the morning and flew back to IL. The girls both slept on this flight and the flight was an hour shorter but; Mark, Aubrey and I were all out of energy so that was good. There were a couple of moments that are funny to me now. Once, we walked past a mom pulling a dolly with a carseat that was strapped to it through the airport. The kids couldn't go anywhere. As we passed them Mark muttered "genious!" Another time, I was feeding Victoria by the baggage claim and Mark had taken Vienna with him while he went to the bathroom and Aubrey was in charge of Reuben (who was really struggling with listening and obeying at this point!). Aubrey tried to make a phone call to her husband just as Reuben bolted. I remember Aubrey's long legs running after Reuben. She grabbed him with her free hand while telling Chase something. Just as she grabbed Reuben's one arm he collasped on the floor and used his free hand to yank his shoes off and chuck them as far as he could. Aubrey looked at me and across the baggage claim area and said "What do I doooooooo!" I laughed so hard because I have these moments still. They are less frequant then they used to be. Crazy little kids! :D So, that is a breif recap of our trip to San Diego. Enjoy the pictures! :)

This is Brittany and Chris Aranda, the lovely couple.
Vienna helping me shop for diapers. She LOVES being big and helping me with jobs. Usually Reuben pushes the cart but she has let us know that she'd like a turn now and then.

This is how I roll now! Never in my 20 year old dreams would I have thought that I'd have three kids at 26! But, as usual, God's plans are bigger and better than my dreams!!!!!
Shopping before the big trip to CA.

On the bed watching me do something. They were wrestling over Miss Cow and then ended up giggling.

Vienna trying on dresses for the trip to CA. The black one won because it had a sweater. 

At the Wag's for supper. Dad was playing outside with the kids. They are on the top of a mountain and it's a very pretty view but a big descent!

 Aubrey holding Jake (my cousin Breana's baby boy).
 Vince (Breana's husband, Mark and Brian lounging.

 Kait and Judson flew with my mom. It was great to see this little guy and spend some time with Kait.
 My mom driving us to the three story Target (YIKES!) and then to Nordstrom Cafe for lunch.

 Mark and Judson and Dad and Victoria.

My sweetie pie!
 Daddy's girls
Anytime I cook I either have helpers or strongly decline the help. :)

I asked Vienna not to chew on this. Her eyes say "but mommy, I'm teething...."

This is Vienna's mouth saying "nooooo, I don't want to give it up!"

Vienna is potty training. Hence the m&m trail.

 Making pancakes with daddy on Sat morning. It's become a Sat tradition.

Reuben loves puzzles.

Vienna loves reading to baby...or anything with baby.