Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mom & Dad Sauder come for a visit

Mom & Dad Sauder were with us this past week/weekend. We had fun getting to chat with them throughout the day and into the evenings and Mark and Dad got a huge house project knocked out. Yay!! 

They got here Wed evening. The kids took naps so that they could stay up and see Gma & Gpa. Grandma brought lots of books, games and puzzles.

Thursday, Dad went with Mark all day to do herd checks and calls. Mom, the kids and I were going to go to Green Bay to meet up with some moms and kids at a park. This is something the kids and I do most Thursdays. Victoria ended up having a high fever and a cough though, so mom offered to watch her while the kids and I still went. We did and got home in the afternoon. Then, I ended up running an errand that afternoon and mom watched the kids again while I did that. Thank you Mom, for all the babysitting you did that day!! You're super!

Friday started out with the guys taking a trip to Menard's to get their supplies. Our wonderful, multipurpose minivan!

The plan was to replace the storm door and redo the existing stairs. The storm door was bent and hence very tricky to open and often even the adults couldn't get it without our help. Let's just say that I'm super excited for future visitors and company that get to open the door by themselves!!! Demolition of the old stairs is pictured below. This is also a good before picture.

As you can see, the stairs were just sitting on blocks. Mark and dad's plan included setting posts into concrete in the ground.
 Digging post holes in the gravel.

Grandma took Reuben and Vienna to the park a few blocks away.

Break time...

The deck area is built and they're taking out the storm door.

New storm door going in.

We NEED a break…popsicles.

Reuben was a big helper.

Vienna….not so much. :)

Reuben learning to drill.

That evening, relaxing with the kids after supper.

Mark makes excellent after supper fires for roasting marshmallows. We enjoyed one that evening. 

Playing a little futbol.

Sat morning, the guys got to work early. They had construction of the stairs and the railing left to do.

Playing red light green light with grandma.

Vienna supervising Penny. It didn't last long because Penny does not appreciate her harness.

Rails going up.

Almost done!!



WOW! It is very nice especially in comparison to the before picture. And the best part…THE DOOR OPENS!!!



Thanks again for coming all that way, dragging a saw with you and blessing us with your visit. We love you!!

Breakfast on the Farm

In the USA, June is dairy month. To celebrate dairy month in WI, a "Breakfast on the Farm" event happens every Sunday in June. Whenever a Valley Vet client hosts a "Breakfast on the farm" two or three Valley Veterinarians will host a booth at the breakfast. The first year we moved here, Mark helped with two other vets. Reuben, baby Vienna and I attended and had a very good time. Last year, we didn't make it and I didn't think we would this year either (especially since this mama isn't currently eating dairy!!). Two weeks into June Mark told me he'd be helping to host a booth that next weekend, if I wanted to bring the kids. So, I waited till Friday to tell the kiddos about it and we were all very excited. But, Sat morning Mark woke up very sick and needed up staying in bed all of Sat and Sun. :( Since I told the kids we would go and it's REALLY hard to get a restful nap while our kids are home and inside I decided for all our sakes that the kids and I would still go. We had a lot of fun…although we missed daddy (probably me the most!!). 

Reuben LOVES Old Maid, Go Fish (and other simple games). Only, he's DEVASTATED whenever he looses the old maid. He's convinced that she's very important and we've tried to explain that you want to get rid of her to win but he doesn't buy it. Below with his Old Maid!

The farm was large and there were tractors pulling wagons around the perimeter of the property at all times. That's the first thing the kids wanted to do. You won't see Tori in these pictures because she's riding in the ergo carrier in front of me. Below we're riding the wagon ride. We learned many interesting facts about dairy cows and dairy in general.

ATVs pull these homemade trains. Two years ago we stayed till the end of the event and Reuben did this ride over 20 times (only a few kids were left to ride it). It was a big hit. So, Reuben was kind enough to allow Vienna to ride with him. They go fast and a long ways so after they pulled away I didn't see the train for a few minutes and then I looked to my left and saw a woman carrying a little girl. The little girl had a pathetic, weepy look on her face. Then I realized that it was MY little girl! I flagged her down and she explained that Vienna only made it a few seconds into the ride and then she started screaming. When I took Vienna into my arms she looked into my eyes and said "tooooooo bumpy mommy"……….

There were large piles of sand and construction toys placed here and there for kids to stop and play in.

A bouncy house. Again, Vienna climbed in and approximately 4 seconds after the flap closed I heard her wailing begin. I didn't even walk away from the opening because I was pretty sure it would go down that way. Reuben loved it and wouldn't come out when the time was up….

There was a loud pretend cow for the kids to milk. Oddly enough, that was one of the kids favorite things and the only thing we did twice. 

There were various games for younger and older kids. 


Face painting. The lady painted a scary spider on Reuben and then when she was done he asked her to add some PINK to his spider! ;)

Inside one of the barns.

About 30 minutes in, we all used the restroom. Would you believe that all four of us squeezed into a scottie potty! Victoria was strapped to me (and I had to go) Vienna wouldn't let me out of sight and Reuben wanders these days…so, in we went. I'll let you decide if that's disgusting, overprotective parenting or both!! Anyway, that was challenging. So, when Reuben needed to go again 25 minutes later I gladly let him go by himself. 5 restrooms breaks later I realized that he LOVES the scotty potty experience and doesn't really need to go but likes to prove he's independent enough to go…if that makes sense. I cut him off...

They have many yummy things to eat (most of which are inside a large building) but 3 hours into our visit and knowing I couldn't have any of it I asked the kids if they would like to have an ice cream and then go. The homemade ice cream with strawberries or maple syrup is outside at a stand. I don't think the kids even realized there was more food. :) 

Before we left, they had to milk the cow one more time!

Addy, WI dairy education cow...