Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Our family was in Quincy to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents, sisters and bro-in-laws. We had a great time and mostly enjoyed getting to see and catch up with these special people. We rolled in Thursday evening. Mom had a delicious Thanksgiving supper for us. I didn't get any pictures of the food but she went all out and it was scrumptious. I didn't feel sick Thursday or Friday so I got to enjoy all of the yummy food too!
After supper we the bigger people talked and talked and the smaller people played and played. Below, Chase and Aubrey get some baby time in with Victoria. She had such a good time that weekend. So many people to constantly smile at her and hold/play with her. It was great to see Aubrey and Chase! We'd missed them.

The "play room" that weekend.

Matt & Kait :) I don't think Mark knew I was taking a picture.

We rotate Christmas and Thanksgiving between the Hoerr and Sauder families every other year. Since this year we'd be with the Sauder family for Christmas the kids got to open some early Christmas presents. 

All of my siblings and the special men we love.

My mom and dad, aka: Nana & Papa

My sisters. I've gotta say, these ladies mean soooo much to me. They've seen me at my best and worst and they've stuck with me. :) Outside of my marriage, these ladies are my best friends. I loved every minute spent together.

Cuddling up to Papa

A lot of games were played :)

Wow…I don't know if Vienna has ever cuddled up to someone like she did U Matt. 

That's all the pictures I took. We left Sunday, after church and drove back to WI. Thanks Mom & Dad for all the work that went into the food and accommodations. :) We had a great time and the kids already want to go back.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A little crazy but a lot of blessings

   I'm a little scared to start writing because I've been meaning to for a while but haven't and now it's been so long I don't know where to start. 

I left off in October with some pictures of some things we'd been doing around he house to "finish" our  projects. We were highly motivated to get those projects done because we'd looked at a house that was for sale in Seymour and walked away saying lets just wait and see if it's still available in a few months and lets work hard to finish our house so that it's ready to list if we decide to pursue buying this house. Well, we did our projects and put an offer in on the home contingent on us selling our home, by owner, in 60 days. Our offer was accepted and we took pictures of our house and listed it on a few websites. A few weeks into the process we received an offer on our house (YAY!). It took another couple weeks for our buyers to get their financing approved, but they did. And then we did our inspection on the home we planned to buy. Yikes, it turned up a lot. The house was another project that we felt excited to take on. It was really dated inside and the upstairs was being used as an income property. The outside of the home was beautiful though and it was in a wonderful location. We'd planned to convert it from fuel oil to natural gas and put a new water heater and furnace into it immediately. When we learned there was more that needed to be addressed we asked the sellers to do some of the work that had to be done or to come down on the agreed price as least as much as the estimates had come back for. The sellers did not want to do that, and we did not want to spend that much money initially. So, we backed out of the deal. It was 3 weeks before Thanksgiving, we planned to close on our home that we had sold in 2 weeks, and we had 1week left to find a place to live temporarily. After a few desperate days of looking at apartments and thinking we really didn't have anywhere to go, I got a call from a landlord who'd had a last minute opening at a 2 bedroom apartment. I should say that during this time some church family members had stepped forward and offered to take us in. :) I gotta say I love the body of Christ. Anyway, it worked out that we could move into this place and, bonus! it has a month to month lease. Now, we could breath easy. :) Or could we? One evening Mark and I were enjoying a movie while I got in some exercise in. I was huffing and puffing but not doing very much. I complained about how worn out I'd been that last few weeks and blamed the shorter, darker days. Mark glanced over at me, sprawled across an armchair and casually said, "your pregnant, just go take a test." I was pretty convinced I wasn't pregnant but I took a test the next morning anyway. As soon as the drop hit the test the positive line leapt off the test results…OK (I thought), I guess I could be pregnant. Although it's a busy time, we're really excited to welcome another baby in June and blown away at all the crazy good things happening right now! :-O We moved the next week. Friends from church helped and it was all done in a day. Mark's friend and coworker and his family watched the kids all day for us and then had an amazing supper ready for us as soon as we finished. (Talk about sweet) Most of our stuff went into a  trailer and is being stored so unpacking was no biggie, although it's not completely done yet…  We closed on our house that next week and then got to go to Quincy for Thanksgiving and kick back with family and just enjoy being still. :) All in all, it's been a crazy November but we wouldn't trade it. We are currently 11 weeks (we think) into pregnancy and I am sooo excited I'm close to the second trimester and feeling good again. I'll write again soon and try to keep an update going of the house hunt. :) Love you all!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I thought I'd open with some pictures of my absolute favorite kiddos! 

Mark and I tackled the last of our house projects. First up, the kitchen cabinets went from fake wood to white and we added hardware. This picture has really bad lighting and I don't have a before picture but, you get the idea. 

Much better lighting. Oh! the open cabinet is the previous color. In real life it looks really good compared to what we started with. The cabinets are very cheap;y made and have a glued on wood grain that was peeling off in places. 

Next up, we painted the 2 bathrooms the same tan color as the living areas and replaced the toilet in the master bath. We also replaced the lighting, shower curtain rod, bowl holders and toilet paper holder in both bathrooms. The cabinets got painted white. 

After that, we replaced the carpet in the 3 bedrooms. Mark and I moved all the furniture out and R & v slept on the kitchen floor.

Mark and I removed the old purple/maroon carpet but left the pad. It was in good shape so we had the new stuff installed on top.

Ta Da! I love neutral carpet!!!!

Remember when the outside looked like this?

And this HUGE tree was in the righthand corner of the picture blocking our house and our neighbors house and making our house look even smaller.

After Mark took the tree down, he laid a pathway out of busted up concrete from the driveway. Then he made beds on each side of the stairs and I went to the nursery and picked out bushes (that was actually very stressful!!) to flank the stairs.


The winner! They are very pretty in the fall. Their leaves turn a bight red.

Lastly, we had the gravel pushed over to the driveway, had dirt brought in and leveled and planted grass. The end result. Our grass grew sooo fast. For about 21/2 weeks we had perfect grass growing weather with lots of rain. Everyone in WI was miserable except for us. We walked around with smiles all day thinking "I don't have to water the grass today!".

Towards the end of Sept we headed to IL for the barbershop IL district competition. Uncle Dean has always wanted to sing in a competition with his sons, Tim (who also sings in an incredible barbershop group called After Hours) and Greg, and Mark. Greg does not enjoy singing in public so U Dean, Mark, Tim and a friend of Tim's entered the competition. That did a great job and placed. I had fun watching the competition and being kid free for much of the day. Mom and Dad Sauder got some time in with the kids and were so sweet to watch them for us! 

Headed to IL.

U Dean, Mark and Tim

Cousins and very good friends

I got to hang out with some incredible ladies. I only got a picture with Katie and Stephanie but, I also got to be with A Karen quite a bit and loved getting to chat with her.

Guys performing.

Sunday morning

My mom was able to come Sat evening and spend time wit the kids. It was great to see her in person and catch up a bit.

My Vienna

We've been having lots of evening fires. It's getting crisp in the evenings and it's perfect for sitting by the fire and eating marshmallows. 

This girl is growing up so fast. She's 9 months old this month. Tonight the big kids (R & V) were roaring like lions…as they so often do. All of the sudden there was this little roar joining in. Our baby girl was roaring like her siblings and it was SO FUNNY! I love her. :)

Reubs loves arts and crafts.

Reuben turned 4 on Oct 3rd. 

I took more video then pictures. :( The picture taking kinda got away from me because it was such a busy weekend. Here's a picture of one of his gifts though. A singing fish. He wanted one so badly. :) Thanks Papa.

I think this is funny. Mark is using his Leatherman multitool to open a baby food package.

Sunday morning pictures of the cuties.

Attacking the grocery bag.

That's all folks. :)