Sunday, February 15, 2015

Post-Christmas Apartment Party...

After Sauder Christmas we got back to Seymour and settled into the apartment.  We kept looking for places and keeping our options open, but had some memories in the little box.

 Christmas Presents from Daddy and Mommy!
NOT excited...
Swimming at the Seymour Aquatic Center.  Our little fishes.
 Victoria LOVES water, probably too much for a little munchkin her age, size, and ability to navigate in it!
Victoria Ruling the Rim
Tori and Dadda chillins like supervillians
 Staying warm
 Happy Baby Victoria
Silly grin
Victoria LOVES shoes, especially my work boots.

She also likes to brush her 5 teeth…and counting : )
 I love, I love to eat: YUM, YUM, YUM

 Lil Buddies… every once in a while
 Vienna can't be left out
 Cow rides
 The BIG brudda.

 Kids love popsicles
 The Drama Queen.  So cute.  So dramatic.  So loud.
 More popsicle deliciousness.

 Sing along song
 Reuben singing along
 We've got another finger sucker!!!
 Not sure what this is, but it's funny!

 The Game of the Month : Memory!

 Victoria enjoying the quiet of the sleeping Vienna.
 BOXES!  Getting ready to move.
 Daddy is tired of packing boxes...

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas Time in Tremont

It's hard to believe it's almost February. :) I guess I'm glad about that though because spring is closer then January!!! 
Over Christmas we got to drive south to Tremont and spend some time with our Sauder family. Just before the trip we had multiple kids getting sick, and I didn't think our little family was going to make it. It  reminded us to be thankful for these times together because they are very special. 
The morning of the day we left Reuben and Vienna made some last minute treats to take with us. They are growing up quickly. Sometimes I do a double take because they really are a big help, at times....

Audrey and Darcy were ready to squeeze Victoria as soon as they saw her. And Victoria loved every minute. 

Vienna was a curly top for Christmas.

These two love to play together. Reuben would pack Johnny in his bag and take him home, if he could get away with it.

Opening presents 

I remember my first Christmas when I was engaged to Mark. Asa was 4 years old. He has grown up quickly in the almost 6 years I've known him. Every time I see him I imagine Reuben that tall and big and can't believe that will happen one day!!


Patient uncle Tim

Very Patient...

Tori with Grandpa and


Really she made the rounds to everyone. She's a fun baby to take visiting.

Thanks again Mom and Dad for having us and opening your home up to invasion. :) We had fun and made good memories.