Saturday, February 28, 2015


Finally after a couple months of negotiations, we closed on our new house February 6th!  We moved in the next day with tons of help from church and work which was a huge blessing.  We had everything in  by noon and spent the rest of the day unpacking.  Ash has slaved away getting everything where it is supposed to be and the house already feels very lived in, probably over lived in!  She may kill me for posting these pictures, especially of the bedroom, but it's the real us!!  : O

Laundry room.  Two stall garage just on the other side of that door. I am standing in a hallway that wraps around to the kitchen.
 Guest bedroom and Daddy bathroom… For now.  Possibly the master bed at some point.

 Front door/Entry way.  Standing in the kitchen.  To the right is the living room.
 Kitchen.  Ash is glad for some counterspace, which we really have not had, ever.  The island is great.
Kitchen from the dining room.
 Dining room.
 Living room.  Wraps around to the left.  
 Hallway to the bedrooms.
 Master Bedroom.  Ash is in the process of sorting and selling a bunch of clothes and household items… hence the mess. : )

 Hall Bath.
 Kid's bedroom.  The bedrooms are humongous.  It has been a great room to catch all the toys as well as beds!
 Vienna's crib…  although the crib days are going to be coming to an end soon!  If you look really close you can see a pink bottom sticking up into the air!
 Ash puts Penny out in the sunroom every day and Penny has loved the sunshine and exercise.  Here she is hanging out.
 The sunroom.
 Babies in a box!
 Going to shovel snow!  Not that there has been much to shovel!  We are almost 20" below average snowfall this winter.
 Reuben loves to shovel and goes to town.  Vienna lasts for about two minutes and then wants to go back inside.  Or so Ash tells me.

 Thumbs Up!
 Warming Up!
 The explorer
 Cleaning up.
 Victoria's first ponytail!! 
 Victoria loves to play and discover.  Sometimes she will just disappear into the bedroom and spend an hour or so just playing with toys, satisfied to explore all on her own.  She just started walking this week!  We'll have to get some video up soon. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Post-Christmas Apartment Party...

After Sauder Christmas we got back to Seymour and settled into the apartment.  We kept looking for places and keeping our options open, but had some memories in the little box.

 Christmas Presents from Daddy and Mommy!
NOT excited...
Swimming at the Seymour Aquatic Center.  Our little fishes.
 Victoria LOVES water, probably too much for a little munchkin her age, size, and ability to navigate in it!
Victoria Ruling the Rim
Tori and Dadda chillins like supervillians
 Staying warm
 Happy Baby Victoria
Silly grin
Victoria LOVES shoes, especially my work boots.

She also likes to brush her 5 teeth…and counting : )
 I love, I love to eat: YUM, YUM, YUM

 Lil Buddies… every once in a while
 Vienna can't be left out
 Cow rides
 The BIG brudda.

 Kids love popsicles
 The Drama Queen.  So cute.  So dramatic.  So loud.
 More popsicle deliciousness.

 Sing along song
 Reuben singing along
 We've got another finger sucker!!!
 Not sure what this is, but it's funny!

 The Game of the Month : Memory!

 Victoria enjoying the quiet of the sleeping Vienna.
 BOXES!  Getting ready to move.
 Daddy is tired of packing boxes...