Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All we do is sleep...

or at least, that's what you'd think looking at our pictures!




YES! We're outside. This was from one of our campfire evenings. Mark gets a fire going and we usually end up roasting (ahem, I mean scorching) marshmallows.

This kid is getting so big!! :( :) :( :) So many different emotions go with that sentence.

And this baby girl is getting sooo big! Honestly, I love having a baby around. It is a lot of work and you aren't as free to pick up and go anytime but it's worth it to get a big special smile that says you're MY mommy. 

The Outagamie county fair took place this last week. We loaded up the jogging stroller and strapped Victoria onto Marks back and off we went. Can you see Reuben's legs under Vienna? He's under there and actually very happy. It's about 1.5 miles from our house to the fairground,s but they were happy riders. Sometimes Mark's patience amazes me. Maybe he stores it up all day long…? 

She loves her ergo. It's her favorite place. Honestly, other than the 15 pounds strapped to your back, you wouldn't even know you had another child. 

The kids were all about the rides this year. Crazy kids…don't they know the fair is all about the food??!!?? Anyway, they got to ride a few rides. Since we've discovered Bay Beach Amusement Park, and the amazing rides and prices that they have, the fair rides have lost their sparkle. Well, they've lost their sparkle to me but not to the kids.) 

Reuben on the first ride. 

This ride went around in a circle and the arm would raise the car up and then literally drop it to the ground. 

So, the second ride was similar to the first but it JUST went around in a circle. Pretty non-scary. Vienna started out OK but every time the ride went around her frown got bigger and bigger until she looked VERY MISERABLE. I think it may have been because she was riding behind some girls she didn't know. The ride was very full so that's where she ended up. Or maybe it's because the ride would shut down every few seconds and the girl would have to flip a bunch of switches to start it up again. Who really knows though. Maybe she just decided she didn't like this anymore. She wasn't crying or screaming but her face was torture to look at. The attendant stopped the ride and went to let her off. All of the other kids started climbing down then, mistakingly thinking the ride was over. It was a little crazy.

Here's Reuben on that same ride. He hopped up onto a motorcycle, said "hi" and shook hands with the kid next to him and they had a great time driving their "bikes" around while whooping and grinning. Reuben and Vienna are so very different, but they are both very special.

Reubs did the third ride solo.

Well, that caught us up to this week. We've got some trips and a wedding coming up and then summer will be winding down and we'll be thinking about Thanksgiving/Christmas before too long. This year has flown by. It's been a short summer too but wow! it's gone fast. 

Papa Hoerr

A few days after mom and dad Sauder went home my dad (Papa Hoerr) came for a visit. I turned 27 the day that he arrived and he offered to watch the kids while Mark and I went out for my birthday. We had a great evening. We ate dinner, did some walking that ended up in a coffee/book shop, went shopping and then, because my dad was here and not our regular babysitter, decided to go see a late movie. We called my dad to see if he'd mind us coming back extra late and he was all for us staying out. I haven't intentionally stayed up that late in a long time and I really enjoyed hanging out with my husband and just being carefree and silly. Thank you Dad, for watching the kiddos and taking such good care of them. They are still asking when you will visit again (Vienna especially enjoyed being with you).

We ended up at the park near our house one day. We played soccer and taught Reuben how to pass the ball. Mostly, dad and I were trying to burn off the kids' energy. I think we burned off more of our energy though!! :(  

Vienna really enjoyed dad during this visit. She loves to "be" with people and every time I turned around she was cuddling up to dad.

Sweet Victoria :) I was thankful dad got to see, hold and be with this baby girl. She is growing and changing so much every week and sometimes I stop and think "Oh! I wish my family was here to see this!".

A group picture before Papa left. 

Thanks for coming dad and for helping me with the kids and spending all the time you did reading and telling stories. We love you dearly.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mom & Dad Sauder come for a visit

Mom & Dad Sauder were with us this past week/weekend. We had fun getting to chat with them throughout the day and into the evenings and Mark and Dad got a huge house project knocked out. Yay!! 

They got here Wed evening. The kids took naps so that they could stay up and see Gma & Gpa. Grandma brought lots of books, games and puzzles.

Thursday, Dad went with Mark all day to do herd checks and calls. Mom, the kids and I were going to go to Green Bay to meet up with some moms and kids at a park. This is something the kids and I do most Thursdays. Victoria ended up having a high fever and a cough though, so mom offered to watch her while the kids and I still went. We did and got home in the afternoon. Then, I ended up running an errand that afternoon and mom watched the kids again while I did that. Thank you Mom, for all the babysitting you did that day!! You're super!

Friday started out with the guys taking a trip to Menard's to get their supplies. Our wonderful, multipurpose minivan!

The plan was to replace the storm door and redo the existing stairs. The storm door was bent and hence very tricky to open and often even the adults couldn't get it without our help. Let's just say that I'm super excited for future visitors and company that get to open the door by themselves!!! Demolition of the old stairs is pictured below. This is also a good before picture.

As you can see, the stairs were just sitting on blocks. Mark and dad's plan included setting posts into concrete in the ground.
 Digging post holes in the gravel.

Grandma took Reuben and Vienna to the park a few blocks away.

Break time...

The deck area is built and they're taking out the storm door.

New storm door going in.

We NEED a break…popsicles.

Reuben was a big helper.

Vienna….not so much. :)

Reuben learning to drill.

That evening, relaxing with the kids after supper.

Mark makes excellent after supper fires for roasting marshmallows. We enjoyed one that evening. 

Playing a little futbol.

Sat morning, the guys got to work early. They had construction of the stairs and the railing left to do.

Playing red light green light with grandma.

Vienna supervising Penny. It didn't last long because Penny does not appreciate her harness.

Rails going up.

Almost done!!



WOW! It is very nice especially in comparison to the before picture. And the best part…THE DOOR OPENS!!!



Thanks again for coming all that way, dragging a saw with you and blessing us with your visit. We love you!!